How do South African companies import wire and cable from China?

1. The company need import license and USD account.
2. Choose the right wire and cable from Shanghai Shoayer Wire and Cable Co.,Ltd.

3. Finished production, Shoayer will entrust freight forwarder to declare and shipment it by sea or by air.
4. Entrust a freight forwarder to clear customs and consign, when the wire and cable arrived.

But, how to choose the right wire and cable? Shoayer will tell you in detail at next article.

Accepted customized

  1. Super thin PTFE wire

Conductor: 270/0.05 tinner plated copper

Insulation: PTFE transparent

O.D.: 2.0mm

2. 200mm² PVC cable

Conductor: 40/2.52mm Stranded Aluminum wire

Insulation: PVC Red/White/Black/Blue/Yellow/Green